Vintage Norton Parts

So, you’ve got a Norton motorcycle and you’re looking to give it some TLC, right? Whether you’re looking for an authentic restoration or a custom touch, let’s get your ride up and running. We’ve got a huge stock of vintage Norton parts.

Exhaust System: Swap out that tired old exhaust for a new set of pipes that’ll not only boost performance but also give your Norton a throaty growl. Check out some stainless steel options for that classic look with a modern twist.

Seat Upgrade: Nothing beats the feeling of cruising in comfort. Treat your behind to a plush, hand-stitched leather seat. It’s not just about the looks; it’s about enjoying the ride.

Handlebar Grips: Get a grip! Literally. Upgrading your handlebar grips can add a touch of style and improve your control. Maybe go for a vintage leather design or something with a bit more chrome – your call!

Lighting Kit: Let there be light! Brighten up your ride and improve visibility with a modern LED lighting kit or traditional Brit bike bulbs. It’s a small upgrade that makes a big difference, especially if you enjoy those evening cruises. 

Brake System Overhaul: Safety first, right? Consider upgrading your brake system with high-performance brake pads and maybe even a sleek new master cylinder. You’ll appreciate the stopping power when you need it.

Suspension Upgrades: Smooth out the bumps and enhance your handling with a set of upgraded shocks. Whether you prefer a classic look or want something more modern, there are options to fit your style.

Air Filters: Give your Norton’s engine a breath of fresh air with a set of high-flow air filters. It’s a simple upgrade that can improve performance and fuel efficiency.

Ignition System: Get your bike firing on all cylinders with a modern electronic ignition system. It’s a reliable upgrade that can improve overall performance. Whether you choose Pazon, Tri-Spark, Boyer Bransden or another, we’re fully stocked.

Decals and Badges: Add the finishing touch with some authentic Norton decals and badges. It’s those little details that make your ride stand out.

The Bonneville Shop has the largest selection of vintage Norton parts and accessories in the United States. We provide a wide range of quality branded and non-branded replacement parts to meet your budget.

    • The Bonneville Shop ship all vintage Triumph, vintage Norton and vintage BSA parts out fast and free when orders are placed in the lower 48 states of the United States
    • Orders placed before 12:00 pm US Mountain Time will be eligible for same day shipping
    • All parts are high quality parts sourced from the UK and other reputable sources
    • The Bonneville Shop has a straight forward returns policy which starts with the Returns page on this website.

Vintage Norton Parts

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The Bonneville Shop aims to supply a complete assortment of classic vintage Norton parts to be your one-stop restoration shop. We also have the best customer service and support in the industry and provide free shipping to all lower 48 states. The Bonneville Shop ships same day if you order before noon Mountain Time Monday-Friday with a 30 day return policy.

Our collection of replacement motorcycle parts consists of many of those hard-to-find parts you will need when restoring your classic vintage British motorcycles. Our components can enhance the appearance of your vintage Norton and optimize its performance.

Our Youtube channel offers great tips and tricks to repair your Brit bike. Check out our video on fork tools:

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