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Triumph 650 6T TR6 T120 Engine Cover Screw Set BSF 1963-1968 PN# TBS-8200


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Made in the UK by LF Harris to original factory specifications, this complete British Standard Fine (BSF) engine cover screw set features the correct Pozidriv heads for the authentic restoration. If you are considering this screw set for a late-production 1968 model, be sure to verify that you don’t have coarse threads, as the transition to 1/4-20 and 5/16-18 UNC threads was underway and some units may have UNC cover screws, as used on the 1969-later models.

The 22-piece set features all of the screws to install the timing, outer gearbox, and primary covers on the unit-construction Triumph 650 engine. Threaded in BSF 26 TPI, the correct 55 degree included angle threads differ slightly from the CEI 26TPI threads which are cut at a 60 degree included angle. Zinc plated for a corrosion-resistant, lasting finish.

The Pozidriv screw heads are identified by the distinctive dashes marked into the head. When used with a Pozidrive bit or screwdriver, the screws can be tightened to an increased torque value without annoying “cam-out”, or slippage occurring within the drive recess on the screw head.

It is advisable to clean the threads in the crankcase and gearbox with a tap to allow for best thread retention and an oil-tight seal between the covers and the crankcase. Thread locking compound is not recommended for use on cover screws.

Note: As 1968 was a transition year, we urge you to check your 1968 cases prior to purchase to verify the threads. If your existing case screws are 26 TPI this kit is correct, if your existing case screws are 20 TPI, you’ll need our kit for 1969-70 (see recommended links). Not sure how to measure? We stock thread pitch gauges (again, see recommended links).


LF Harris motorcycle spares are produced to the highest quality standards possible utilizing original Triumph tooling, dies, factory blueprints & materials combined with modern manufacturing equipment, tolerances & techniques.



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