Triumph 750 TR7 T140 Primary Cover 1976-1985 Left Shift PN# 71-7465


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SKU: 633726130814 Categories: , Tags: , , Brands: OE Number: 71-7465Year: 1976-1985Make: TriumphModel: TR7RV T140D T140E T140V


The 1981-1985 version of the left-shift primary chaincase is technically correct for the last generation of Triumph 750 models with the revised crossover shift shaft, external seal, and bush in the cover. This cover can be fitted to the 1976-1980 models, which were originally specified with the 71-7003 cover, but some additional finishing to the bush may be required to achieve fitment with the crossover shaft. 

The reproduction primary chaincase cover features a nicely polished finish, however, due to the manufacturing process, there may be some visible waves and minute pock-marks in the finished product. The bare cover includes the timing pointer, and the shift shaft bush is pre-fitted. Sourced from LF Harris in the UK.

The primary chaincase cover houses the alternator and primary drive system. There are apertures for ignition timing and clutch adjustment, which are sealed with inspection caps. A gasket seals the chaincase cover to the chaincase. An external oil seal replaces the original o-ring fitted to the crossover shift shaft on the pre-1981 models.

The gearshift lever and left-side footrest must be removed to allow the chaincase cover to be fitted into place. Cover screws are threaded directly into the drillings in the outer rim of the primary drive chaincase, and (2) domed nuts sealed with copper washers retain the front of the cover to the stator studs.


LF Harris motorcycle spares are produced to the highest quality standards possible utilizing original Triumph tooling, dies, factory blueprints & materials combined with modern manufacturing equipment, tolerances & techniques.

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