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Triumph Norton BSA Wassell Main Carburetor Carb Jet(s) Amal-Type PN# 376/100 W


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The Wassell main jet is a direct replacement for many Amal Monobloc, Concentric, and MK2 carburetors and is original equipment in the Wassell Evolution series of carburetors. This listing is for multiple main jet(s).

This economically-priced brass main jet is often used in twin-carburetor applications on BSA, Norton and Triumph twins. Sourced from Wassell in the UK.

The numerical size of a given main jet , e.g. 270, indicates a flow rate of 270cc’s of fuel in one minute at a specified head. The larger the main jet number, the more fuel flow will occur from the carburetor’s float bowl. The main jet influences the air/fuel mixture at 3/4 to full throttle position.

The Amal Concentric and Wassell Evolution float bowl is held in place with two retaining screws and must be removed to access the main jet. Generally, the carburetors do not require removal from the manifolds to remove the float bowls. It is advisable to closely inspect the float bowl gasket any time the float bowl is removed. The main jet is threaded into a steel jet holder and can be removed using an 8mm socket or spanner.

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