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Triumph Shock Mount Cylinder Base Nut 3/8″ CEI Nut(s) PN# PO172A 60-4261 99-0047


SKU: VAR-PO172A Categories: , , , , Tags: , , , OE Number: PO172A, 60-4261, D4261, 99-0047Year: 1950-1968Make: TriumphModel: Universal fitment for motorcycles with CEI threaded fasteners

This 3/8-26 TPI bar cut nut is the correct outer cylinder base nut, as used on pre-unit and unit Triumph 650 models through 1968.

New full-width 3/8-26 TPI nuts in CEI threadform used for rear shock mounting and securing the cylinder barrel on pre-1969 Triumph 650 models. Also, can be used on BSA and Norton motorcycles on 3/8-26 bolts and studs. Special bar-cut construction, made in the UK.

The nut is used as the outer cylinder base nut, along with the smaller 37-0076 inner base nuts. This nut can also be used on rear shock mounting bolts and on some pre-unit transmission hardware.

The nut is threaded onto the cylinder base stud, securing the cylinder barrel to the crankcase. Use Whitworth spanner and socket to install to prevent damage to the nut by rounding it off.

Please refer to your Parts Book for confirmation. We also sell the Small Hex Inner Nut (PN# 37-0076) by itself and in a set of 4 as well!


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