Triumph 650 Center Stand Main Stand Hardware Kit 1964-1968 PN# 99-9997 82-5678 A 82-4671


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SKU: 633726131453 Categories: , Tags: , , , , , Brands: OE Number: 99-9997 82-5678 82-4671Year: 1964-1968Make: TriumphModel: 6T, TR6, T120


Correct mainstand hardware is important for proper fitment and operation of the center stand and will prevent unintended wear at the mounting tabs on the front frame of the motorcycle. This kit contains the correct hardware for the 1964-1968 Triumph 650 models.

The kit consists of the special pivot bolts with cutaways to locate the included tab washers, plain washers, thin 1/2- 20 TPI nuts, and the return spring. Made in the UK.

The hardware is designed to allow the center stand to articulate up and down and is held in place by the return spring in either position. The tab washers prevent the nut from loosening off once the correct tension is applied to the nut. If the nut is overtightened, it will cause the center stand to bind and not freely pivot.

Methods differ, but care must be taken to prevent injury while fitting the main stand. The stiff return spring can be extended by inserting washers or coins between the coils. The stand can be offered to the frame and the hardware installed first, then the extended spring is installed while the stand is in the retracted position. Once fitted, the washers are removed from the spring.

  • 1 X 82-4671 F4671 Return Spring
  • 2 X 82-5678 F5678 Pivot Bolts
  • 2 X 82-5679 F5679 Plain Washers
  • 2 X 82-4484 F4484 Tab Washers
  • 2 X 82-2725 F2725 Nuts


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