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Triumph BSA Norton 281/BA7S 1W LED Warning Light Bulb(s) PN# 281 LED


SKU: VAR-281-LED Categories: , , , Tags: , Year: 1966-1982Make: BSA Norton TriumphModel: Various models

The 281LED bulb is a direct replacement for the Lucas 281 12 volt 2 watt incandescent warning light bulb with the BA7S base. When used as a high-beam warning light and fitted with the polarity reversed, this bulb enhances the performance of the popular 446LED main head lamp bulb we offer.

This 1 watt LED bulb uses the single-contact point BA7S base and will fit into the original warning light bulb holder. As a light-emitting diode, the current is only allowed to flow in one direction, making this bulb ideal for use with other LED bulbs in the electrical system.

The 281LED is the perfect complement to the 446LED head lamp bulb when used on positive ground 12 volt British motorcycles from the mid-1960s to the late 1970s. When the bulb holder leads of the high-beam warning light are reversed, the polarity of the LED warning light becomes negative ground, restoring full function of the 446LED headlamp bulb.

The headlamp shell must be opened up to access the warning light bulbholder. The bulbholder is pressed into the plastic warning light housing and is simply pulled out. The original bulb is removed from the bulbholder by pressing downward and twisting anti-clockwise 1/4 turn. The new bulb is fitted in reverse order of removal, then the headlamp rim and glass reflector assembly is reinstalled into the shell.


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