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Triumph BSA Genuine Domed ‘Ceandess’ Vented Gas Petrol Fuel Cap PN# 83-3875 G F3875


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SKU: 633726132320 Categories: , , , , , , Tags: , OE Number: 83-3875 F13875Year: BSA models 1972 Triumph models 1972-1981Make: BSA TriumphModel: BSA A65 A70 A75 B50 Triumph T100 TR6C TR6R TR7RV T140D T140E T140V T150 T160 Brands:

The genuine Ceandess petrol tank filler cap is specific for the 1972 and later BSA and Triumph models specified with a twist-on cap. The skirt of the cap is slightly longer than the earlier iteration of the twist-on gas cap, as specified on the 1970 and earlier Triumph petrol tanks and will contact the paint if used on the earlier petrol tanks.

The filler cap features a brilliant chrome finish, and the domed top has a central vent hole. A cork gasket seals the cap against the filler neck on the tank. Made in the UK.

The petrol tank filler cap is an aesthetically prominent part that is critical to both form and function. The vent hole must be clear of any occlusions to allow proper fuel flow to the petcocks. A properly functioning seal will prevent petrol from spilling or leaking out of the filler neck onto the tank’s finish.

The cap is twisted onto the filler neck and locked down when tightened. Occasionally a repainted petrol tank will need to have some of the paint lightly sanded from the rim of the filler neck to achieve proper fitment of the filler cap.


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