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Triumph BSA Amal Premier 930 30mm Aluminum Carburettor Set for Dual Carb PN# 930LPAL 930RPAL


SKU: VAR-AMAL-930PREM Categories: , , , , , , , Tags: , Year: 1968-1978Make: Triumph BSA NortonModel: T120 T140 A65L 650 750 Brands:

The latest iteration of the Amal 930 Premier carburetor features an updated aluminum alloy body, resulting in lighter weight and reduced wear characteristics. This matched right and left pair are jetted for dual-carbureted 650 and 750 Triumph and BSA models.

Genuine Amal Premier 930 Concentric carburetors are sold as a matched pair with 30mm bores, featuring the new lightened aluminum bodies, hard-anodized #3 slides, “Stay-up” floats, removeable RJ17 pilot jets, and your choice of 190 or 200 main jets. The carburetor is a precision instrument that meters fuel with air to provide the correct mixture for efficient combustion. Jets provide the base adjustments and adjustment screws are used for fine-tuning the carburetor. Changes in air filters and exhaust systems can have an effect on jet selection and corresponding fine adjustments.

The carburetor is installed onto a manifold and uses an air cleaner assembly. Some tuning will be required once fitted to the motorcycle, and alternative jets may be required to compensate for high-altitude use. Appropriate for 1968-1978 650 and 750 models.


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