Triumph BSA 650 750 Twins WM3X18 40 Hole Rear Conical Hub Chrome Wheel Rim 1971-75 PN# 37-3784 W3784


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From CWC (Central Wheel Components) in the UK, WM3 x 18″ rear wheel rim in lush British chrome as fitted to both Triumph and BSA twins fitted with conical hub rear drum brakes 1971-75. These premium rims are made to the same specifications as the original Dunlop Jones items. Dimpled and pierced correctly for easy mounting to your hubs and spokes, absolutely the nicest chrome rim available, made in UK!

Please note: Due to varying bans on the use of hexavalent chrome in the chroming process, this item will have varying appearance different than OEM standards. Chromers are frequently using trivalent in their processes. “It’s just not the same color. Hexavalent has that clear blue sheen, but trivalent is more grayish and smoky. Trivalent will not replace the look of hexavalent.”

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