Triumph BSA 500 650 Lower Fork Bush Nut Wrench Spanner Tool (1) PN# TBS-60-0527


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Stop! Put down the channel locks, vice grips, pipe wrench… New tool to fit Triumph and BSA lower fork bush nuts. We weren’t satisfied with those already on the market, so we made our own from thicker stock (for added durability) and a longer handle for improved performance (see pics comparing ours vs the others on the market). Here’s the huge caveat…

There have been so many manufacturers making fork lower nuts over the last 40 years that you may need to slightly file nuts to make this tool fit. While we engineered this spanner to fit every lower fork nut we had in the shop (including both new USA and UK production as well as original UK production), it is possible you’ll still need to put some elbow grease into making this spanner work.

For pre-1968 lower fork bush nuts click here

For 1968 onward lower fork bush nuts click here


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