Triumph BSA 650 750 Black Face 150 M.P.H. Speedometer W / 5’6″ Cable PN# TBS-4192A 60-1930 60-0609 SSM 5007/00


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The 150 mph black-faced speedometer is a replica of the Smith’s SSM 5007/00, and is compatible with 1.25:1 speedometer drive gearboxes. Suited for 1970-1972 Triumph 650 model and 1970-1972 BSA 650 and 750 twin models.

The speedometer is supplied with a 66″ cable for fitment to the 1970 Triumph 650 and 1971-1972 oil-in-frame BSA and Triumph 650 and 750 twin models. Note that the SSM 5007/00 replica is 1/4″ taller than the original Smith’s instrument.

The speedometer is hard-mounted to a bracket on the 1970 Triumph 650 models, and is mounted in a rubber cup on the oil in frame models. The cable is threaded to the instrument’s receptacle with a knurled nut. The other end of the cable is threaded into the speedometer drive gearbox.

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