Triumph 650 Bonneville EMGO Fuel Petrol Gas Tank Top Chrome Trim PN# 83-0031T F10031


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SKU: 633726132092 Categories: , , , Tags: , OE Number: 83-0031 T F10031 TYear: 1966-1970Make: TriumphModel: TR6C, T120, T120TT


This chrome petrol tank center styling strip is the correct fitment for the Emgo reproduction Slimline petrol tank, suitable for the 1966-1970 Triumph 650 models. This styling strip is not compatible with the original TR6C and T120 petrol tanks, due to slight differences in dimensions.

The center trim strip has an extended retaining tab at the front of the strip, and a loop at the opposite end where a separate hook secures it to the petrol tank mounting tab. The strip measures approximately 20-1/2″ from tip to tip, with a radius for correct fitment to the Emgo reproduction 2.5 gallon petrol tanks. Quality manufactured in Taiwan.

The retaining tab is captured at the front of the petrol tank between the crossmember and the tunnel, then the hook, or “Spam key”, as it’s known, is fitted to the loop on the end of the strip and installed in the hole on the tank tab. When the nut on the hook is tightened, it draws down the trim strip to follow the radius of the top of the petrol tank, resulting in a neat fitment.

Care must be taken to make sure the bend at the retaining tab on the front of the trim strip is correctly placed before fitting the hook and tightening it down, as there may be an adjustment needed to optimize fitment. 

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