Triumph 650 750 Kibblewhite MN-Bronze Inlet/ Exhaust Seal Valve Guides (2) PN# 70-2899 S 70-2900 71-3294 71-3295


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Top of the line, U.S. made Kibblewhite Manganese-Bronze valve guides (2) to replace Triumph 650 & 750 Twins PN#’s, E2899 or 70-2899, E2900 or 70-2900, E3827 or 70-3827, E3828 or 70-3828, 71-3294 & 71-3295, KPMI 70-0331S. These guides are suitable for both inlet and exhaust. Available in standard or oversize, use drop down menu to select size. Machined for seal, seals sold separately.

***Note*** All our guides supplied with the ‘S’ suffix can be run with or without valve stem seals. All machine work should always be performed by a qualified machine shop !!

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