Triumph 750 Nitrided Exhaust Camshaft Spitfire Racing Grind PN# 71-7017 R


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SKU: 633726130784 Categories: , Tags: , Brands: OE Number: 71-7017 RYear: 1973-1982Make: TriumphModel: TR7 T140


The “Spitfire” exhaust camshaft is designed for performance-built Triumph 750 engines and is based on the profile of the 71-7016 inlet camshaft. Specified to be used with 3/4 radius cam followers.

The Spitfire exhaust camshaft features a nitrided finish to minimize wear and is forged from a solid blank. 71-7008 3/4 radius exhaust cam followers are suggested for use with the Spitfire camshaft profile to maximize the mid to high-rpm engine performance that this camshaft is known for. This camshaft is often paired with the 71-7016 inlet camshaft to provide great upper-range power from the post-1969 B-range engines, including the later 750 engines From LF Harris in the UK.

The camshaft is considered the “brain” of the internal combustion engine, as it synchronizes the valvetrain events that contribute to determining the character of the motor. The camshaft works in harmony with the cam followers, pushrods, rocker arms, valve springs and valves to produce the sequence of valvetrain function in the Triumph twin cylinder engines.

The crank cases must be split to access the camshafts in the unit- construction Triumph 650 and 750 engines. Once fitted, careful attention must be paid to cam timing to ensure a properly functioning engine. Refer to the factory workshop for camshaft installation and timing specifications. Special tools are required for removal and installation of the camshafts. This particular camshaft may require alteration to the factory timing specifications.

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