Triumph 500 and 650 Twin Handlebar Eyebolt Mounting Kit PN# 97-1529 A


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Triumph handlebar p-clamp mount kit p clamp rubber kit PN# 97-1529 a, complete with everything you need to remount your handlebars.

Consists of :

  • 4 x 97-1529 hemi washers
  • 2 x 97-1580 mounting rubber
  • 2 x 97-1581 spacer
  • 2 x 97-2221 cup for rubber

Use with our new top yoke bonded bushes, PN# 97-1527, to return your handlebar mounts to their former glory! Click here

Will fit most Triumph 650/750 twins and up to 1974 Triumph 500 twins as well as some late model BSA twins.

Need new handlebar eyebolts? PN# 97-2291 ? Click here.

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