Triumph 500 And 650 Pre-Unit/Unit QD Wheel Rear Brake Plate Stud (7/16″X26CEI) 1960-1969 Twins PN# 37-1121


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Lovely U.K. made, powder coated rear brake plate as fitted to Triumph 500 and 650 unit and pre-unit twins. These are manufactured for us to exacting original specs using original triumph tooling and powder coated a durable high gloss black. You may find others for sale, but we guarantee they will not be this nice. This brake plate is specifically correct for the quick detachable real wheel assembly found on some home-market triumph models from the 1960s due to the collar in the center of the brake plate. The stud is 7/16″ x 26 T.P.I CEI. They fit Bonneville, Tiger, Trophy, T110, TR6, TR6C, T120TT, T120, T120R, T100, 3TA. 5TA, T90, T100SS, etc.

For the record all brake plates are not the same, there are three variations to be aware of:

  • 37-1121: 1960-1968 T100, TR6, T120 models with Quickly-Detachable rear wheel (QD), not US-Spec. These are the brake plates with the elevated built-in spacer. CEI threads on the stud. The 37-1121 is discernable by its CEI threads and the extended spacer/spindle guide. These were only specified on home-market bikes.
  • 37-3590: 1970 only TR6R, TR6C, T120R. 1970-73 T100 models. 1970 only T150. UNF threads.
  • 37-1112: 1960-1969 T100, TR6, T120R models. 1968-69 T150. CEI threads on the stud.

The 37-3590 and 37-1112 are virtually identical, but for the differences in thread forms, and as such, could be interchanged by pairing the correct nut with each version. The 37-1121 is for the early motorbikes and fit 1960-69 500 & 650 Unit and Pre-Unit Twins.

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