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Triumph 500 Daytona T100R Tiger T100C Petrol Tank Mounting Kit 1967-1968 PN# TBS-0075


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This comprehensive kit contains all of the mounting hardware and rubber fittings for the 1967 Triumph 500 models. Early 1968 model year Triumph 500 twins were supplied with this hardware prior to the transition to UNF threads in later production models, after engine/frame number H63306. Check the bosses on the petrol tank with a thread gauge to verify the threads are tapped to 5/16-26 TPI.

Sourced from Tri-Cor in the UK, this kit features (2) 82-1808 front mounting bolts, (3) 82-3814 cupped washers, (2) 82-5229 spigot rubbers, (2) 82-5228 tall rubber washers, (1) 82-7388 rear mounting bolt, (1) 82-0967 thin rubber washer, and (1) double spigot rubber. The bolts have a thread pitch of 26 TPI (CEI).

The front mounting bolts pass through the cupped washers and rubbers situated on the top and bottom of the petrol tank mounting bracket to effectively rubber-mount the tank. There are drillings in the heads of the front bolts for safety wiring the bolts, once installed. The rear mounting bolt also passes through a cupped washer and rubbers and secures the petrol tank tab to the frame boss.

The spigot rubbers are fitted to the frame-mounted petrol tank bracket, and the double spigot rubber fits in the recess of the frame boss on the bottom and through the tank mounting tab on the top. The cupped washers form an abutment for the bolt heads. Consult the factory parts catalog for the correct orientation of the hardware.


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