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Triumph 350 500 650 Fork Front End Rebuild Kit 1965-74 PN# TBS-1000


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Rebuilding the forks on your 1965-70 Triumph 650 twin or 1965-74 Triumph 350 or 500 twin? We’ve assembled this kit to make it easy on you and it saves 25% vs. Buying everything separately! Kit includes all the major wear and tear items:

  • 2 x 97-0441 H441 fork bush
  • 2 x 97-0443 H443 fork bush
  • 2 x 97-1500 H1500 fork seal
  • 2 x 97-1896 H1896 fork damper sleeve
  • 2 x 82-4047 F4047 cork washer
  • 2 x 97-0430 H430 fiber washer
  • 2 x 97-1062 H1062 alloy washer
  • 2 x 97-2119 H2119 fork seal holder o’ring (not used on 1965-67 models)*
  • 2 x 97-2127 H2127 shuttle valve circlip (not used on 1965-67 motorcycles)*

All parts sourced from the U.K.!

We also sell a premium version of this kit with precision us made bushes and alloy damper sleeves for a few dollars more  click here

For fork springs click here

For fork tubes / stanchions click here

For shuttle valves click here

*interested in upgrading your 1965-67 forks to shuttle valve specs for improved perfomance?  Call or email us for details!


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