Triumph 1978-82 750 MKII To MK1 Concentric Carb Adapter (2) PN# TBS-2928-Adapt


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If you are tired of fooling around with the dreaded Amal MKII concentric, yes the one that’s impossible to jet, has porous castings, bad choke plungers and bores, etc., etc. Well salvation is at hand. This simple pair of 30mm adapters will enable you to install a pair of easily tunable MKI Concentrics to your 1978 1/2 to 1982 Bonneville. At this point in time we’ve used them to retrofit MKI Concentrics to over a dozen parallel port head bikes with phenomenal results! To attach just use two of your existing MKII carb rubber hose clamps. Bolt carbs straight to adapter, no phenolic spacer needed. Construction is rubber bonded to a steel flange.

For carb mounting hardware click here

Need a pair of MKI 930 concentric carburetors? We sell both the standard type as well as the vastly improved premier series! Click here


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