Norton Genuine Amal Throttle Needle 4-Ring 850 PN# 928/104


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SKU: 633726144033 Categories: , OE Number: 928/104Year: 1974-1975Make: NortonModel: 850 Commando Brands:

Suitable for use with Amal 932 Concentric carburetors featuring stepped spray tubes, this throttle needle is specified for the Norton 850 Commando MK2A and MK3 models from 1974 and 1975. This listing is for (1) throttle needle.

This genuine Amal throttle needle is approximately 2-3/4″ long and features a unique taper profile that optimizes fuel atomization when used on the Amal 932 carburetors set up for the Norton 850 Commando models. There are (4) annular identifying rings at the top of the needle. Made in the UK.

The throttle needle is housed in the throttle slide and can be adjusted for height by changing the position of the needle clip. The needle is tapered to meter fuel flow through the needle jet and has an influence on lower throttle position engine performance.

The carburetor top cap must be removed to lift the throttle slide out of the mixing chamber. Once the slide is removed, the return spring can be pulled up far enough to allow the needle to be lifted from the base of the slide. It is important to make sure the return spring is correctly seated in position after replacement of the needle and needle clip assembly.


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