Norton Commando 750 850 Models Progressive Fork Springs PN# 06-7723P / NM18813/11-1119


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SKU: 633726125438 Categories: , Tags: , , OE Number: 06-7723Year: 1971-1975Make: NortonModel: Commando

Genuine Progressive brand fork springs offer a significant upgrade in performance to the Norton Roadholder forks with their progressively wound design.

The progressively wound springs offer a soft feel when initially compressed, but the multi-rate design allows the spring to absorb larger impacts without bottoming out or imparting the harsh feel that the original single-rate springs can when worked hard at higher speeds over varying road conditions.

The fork springs soak up impacts and minimize vibration felt at the handlebar. Rebound damping in the Roadholder forks is controlled by a damper valve assembly that slows the rate of spring return after compression.

The fork top nuts are removed to access the internal fork springs, which can be removed and replaced once the damper rods are released from the fork top nuts.


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