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Norton 850 Commando Wassell Evolution “Premier Type” 32mm Carburetor Pair (2) PN# TBS-09-0466-0477


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Introduced as an economical alternative to the Amal Premier Concentric series of carburetors, the Wassell Evolution range of carburetors feature jets, throttle valves, floats, and needles that are interchangeable with the Amal Concentric series of carburetors. This matching set of left and right-hand 30mm carburetors are direct replacements for the Amal 932 carburetors specifically set up for Norton’s 850 Commando models through 1975.

The matched left and right-handed pair of the 32mm Evolution carburetors feature the relief on the inner mounting flanges to accommodate the close proximity of the parallel manifolds on the Norton 850 cylinder head. Also unique to the Norton 850 models is the special “chopped” spray tubes in the mixing chambers of the carburetor bodies. Supplied with 3.5 throttle valves, .106 needle jets, and 260 main jets, these are ideal for the 1973-1974 Commando MK2 models with “Peashooter” silencers. Can be jetted to suit MK2A and MK3 models with the annular discharge silencers.

Carburetors are precision instruments that meter fuel with air to provide the correct mixture for efficient combustion. Jets provide the base adjustments and adjustment screws are used for fine-tuning the carburetors. Changes in air filters and exhaust systems can have an effect on jet selection and corresponding fine adjustments.

The mounting flanges are fitted to the inlet manifold studs and secured with nuts. The banjo fittings at the bottom of the float bowls are retained with special bolts that allow introduction of fuel into the float bowls. Supplied with choke assemblies.

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