Norton 750 850 Commando Rear Brake Cable By Barnett Fits 1968-74 PN# 06-0482 B


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SKU: 633726125148 Categories: , Tag: OE Number: 06-0482Year: 1968-1974Make: NortonModel: Commando 750 850 Brands:

This rear brake cable fits all of the Norton Commando 750 and 850 models equipped with a rear drum brake from 1968-1974.

Made in the US by Barnett, this heavy-duty premium cable features a 1/8″ thick inner wire for positive and fade-free braking. On some models, it may be necessary to widen the cable abutment slot on the left footrest to accommodate the thick inner wire. Overall length is 19-1/2″, with a sheath length of 13-1/8″, and an inner wire free length of 5-7/8″.

The shackle end of the cable fits over the raised operating arm of the rear brake pedal and is retained by a pin and fixing clip. The cable passes behind the support plate and the pear-shaped end is captured by a trunnion in the rear brake cable yoke.

The rear brake cable yoke adjusting nut and collar must be completely loosened to allow the installation of the cable. Once the cable is fitted, the adjustment can be made to control the rear brake operation and travel of the brake pedal. The rear brake stop switch must be checked for adjustment after the installation. Consult the workshop manual for further details about the rear brake set-up.

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