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Late Triumph / BSA Oil Pressure Switch PN# 60-3719


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Please inspect your oil pressure switch and timing cover before ordering. An oil pressure switch with straight pipe threads (like 60-3719) uses an o-ring, copper washer, or crush washer to seal. An oil pressure switch with tapered pipe threads (like 60-2133) seals with Teflon tape or anti-seize compound on the threads, sometimes an unnecessary o-ring is added. Straight threads are parallel to the flats on the wrench/spanner surfaces and the raised area above the threads, tapered threads are not. The differences can be easily identified with a machinist rule or other straight edge held up against the flat surfaces with the straight edge extending parallel to the threads.

Please be careful when installing, too much force will crack the timing cover or cause any existing cracks to spread. Triumph timing covers are interchangeable over a broad range of years and are changed for a variety of reasons so please don’t assume your motorcycle has the same timing cover it had when it left the factory back in the good old days.

Straight thread oil pressure switch as used on Triumph twins.

This is the Veglia type which has straight threads. The earlier models used a Smiths type switch with a tapered pipe thread. See link below for tapered thread type.

It will be necessary to measure the outside diameter of the existing switch to verify whether it is a straight thread (NPS), or a tapered thread (NPT) which we offer under part number 60-2133. Using a digital caliper and measuring the threaded section of the switch in a parallel plane, it will be clear if you are replacing a tapered switch or straight.

Since the early 650 unit timing covers are interchangeable with the later 750 models, this measurement is recommended to confirm the correct fitment of your oil pressure switch in the event the timing cover has been swapped for a different model year. 

If when installing any oil pressure switch into a timing cover or crankcase, when undue friction is encountered, stop and evaluate the situation before damage results.


Read more about oil pressure switches on our blog: A Guide for BSA and Triumph Oil Pressure Switch Identification

Please note: Due the nature of the product, we unfortunately do not accept returns on bearings, service tools or electrical components. Please be confident about your purchase before ordering. If you have questions, please contact us.



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