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Genuine Lucas Brand Triumph TR7 T140V Wiring Harness (1) 1973-78 PN# 54962258 G 54961593 19-1962 99-1259


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This wiring harness is applicable for a range of Triumph TR7RV and T140V model years from 1973-1978. The most notable difference in the earlier rear drum-brake models is the use of bullet and spade connectors for the handlebar switchgear, where the later 1976-1978 rear disc-brake models used pin connectors to connect the switchgear to the main harness within the headlamp shell. The pin connectors can easily be removed, and bullet connectors fitted to convert the harness to the 1973-1974 condition. This wiring harness is not compatible with the later 1978.5 T140E models with the central mounted ignition switch, 3-phase stator, Lucas Rita ignition, and negative ground electrical system.

The genuine Lucas cloth-wrapped wiring harness is suitable for direct replacement of the original wiring looms used on the 1976-1978 models, with multi-pin connectors for the handlebar switch consoles. Substitution of bullet connectors for the pin connectors will make this wiring harness ideal for the 1973-1974 models. Hard plastic spade connector insulators are used in place of the original translucent rubber insulators. The original wiring colors, including the tracers, are used throughout the harness and the branch lengths are correct for fitment to the 1973-1978 models. A color-coded wiring diagram is included with the wiring harness.

The wiring harness distributes power throughout the various circuits in the motorcycle’s electrical system. The charging system, ignition, lighting, and earthing wires are all routed through the wiring harness. When modern upgrades such as electronic ignition and solid-state regulator/rectifier modules are fitted, there may be some wires in this replacement wiring harness that are not used, or will need to be re-routed. The bullet connectors are fitted with female sleeve connectors. We offer bullet and sleeve connector assortment kits to facilitate a complete installation of the harness.

The wiring harness is fitted to the motorcycle’s electrical components using Lucas-type bullet connectors, spade connectors, and multi-pin connectors. Cable ties are used to retain the harness to the motorcycle’s frame. Care must be taken to ensure that the various branches of the harness are not stretched tightly or allowed to chafe against sharp edges, which can result in a short circuit and subsequent damage to the wiring loom. Fitting any wiring harness often involves some slight modifications to wire lengths and connector types. Consult the factory workshop manual to follow the wiring diagram for the applicable model year.

Note: Accent color of cloth wrap may be different than shown. If this concerns you, please contact us prior to purchase to see what color our current stock has. Due to the nature of electrical items, we do not accept returns on them. We are happy to provide additional support when possible should you have issues with installation. We urge you to ask all questions prior to purchase and always check your parts book to assure fitment!

Please note: Due the nature of the product, we unfortunately do not accept returns on bearings, service tools or electrical components. Please be confident about your purchase before ordering. If you have questions, please contact us.



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