BSA A50 A65 and Triumph Twin Fork Boot Pair UK (2) PN# H3635 E or 97-3635 E


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Tired of cracks and tears in your fork boots after only a couple season’s riding? These top quality U.K. made fork boots are the answers to your (and our!) Prayers! These are the bees knees- as good as if not better than their UK made counterparts we also stock! Top quality gaiters to fit:

  • Triumph 650 unit twins, Tiger, Trophy, Bonneville 1969-70.
  • Triumph unit 500 twins, Daytona, Tiger, Trophy, from 1969-74
  • Triumph T150 Trident 1969-70
  • BSA A75 Rocket 3, 1969-70.
  • BSA A50 & A65 twins, Thunderbolt, Lightning, Royal Star, etc. 1969-70

For our US made version? Click here

We also stock a Taiwanese made version for those on a budget click here

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