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1965 Triumph T90 T100 TR6 T120 Wiring Harness PVC Bound UK Made PN# 54936415 TBS-6012 PVC

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SKU: 633726148338 Categories: , , , , Tags: , OE Number: 54936415Year: 1965Make: TriumphModel: T90, T100, TR6, T120 Brands:

Main wiring harness for 6 volt 1965 Triumph twins with ammeter and two 88SA switches in side panel, except 3TA, 5TA and 6T models. Can be adapted for use on the 12 volt models with slight modifications. The correct wiring harness is important for accurate circuit connections, eliminating the need for splices and jumper wires, etc.

Applicable fitment to Triumph models T90, T100, TR6 and T120s from 1965.

This UK made wiring harness from British Wiring is wrapped with PVC tape. The correct connectors are in place and the lengths of the wire branches are correct for the 1965 Triumph 500 and 650 twin non-nacelle models. The sockets for the 88SA switches are included in the harness.

The wiring harness is fitted with all of the correct bullet and spade connectors to make it an easy installation onto the motorcycle that is in original 6 volt stock condition. Cable ties are used to retain the harness to the motorcycle’s frame.

While not restoration quality as our cloth wrapped version of this harness is (see recommended links), this harness still uses high quality wire and connectors and is a fantastic value for everyday riders.

Please note: due the nature of the product, we unfortunately do not accept returns on bearings, service tools or electrical components. Please be confident about your purchase before ordering. If you have questions, please contact us.



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