Triumph Sidepanel / Brake Switch / etc 2BA Nuts (2) PN# 82-4717 F4717


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2BA nuts are found in many capacities on British motorcycles from the 1950s through the 1970s. Some examples are pre-unit Triumph swinging arm end cap retaining pin, brake light switch, side panel, and reflector mounting. This listing is for (2) nuts.

2BA refers to a British thread form known as British Association, which is often found on Lucas electrical components. These zinc-plated nuts are approximately 3/16″ thick.

The 2BA nuts and screws are the most common BA hardware found on vintage British motorcycles, but the range spans from 0BA to 7BA, with 0BA being the largest.

A special range of spanners for BA nuts is available under part number TBS-10479.

We sell these Nuts with Bolts to mount Brake Light Switch Click Here

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