Triumph 650 750 5 Speed Gearbox Rebuild Kit 1972-1982 PN# TBS-0358


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SKU: 633726143869 Categories: , Year: 1972-1982Make: TriumphModel: TR6RV TR6CV T120RV TR7RV T140D T140E T140V

We have assembled this bearing and oil seal kit to provide the engine builder with the majority of the necessary wear-prone replacement parts normally required when rebuilding a Triumph 650 or 750 twin 5-speed gearbox. Purchased individually, these parts would cost well over $200, so this kit represents a great value. While many of the parts in this kit are common to the T150/T160 models, we are specifying this kit for the twin-cylinder models only.

Bearings, oil seals, tab washers, and the mainshaft bush are among the replacement parts supplied in this gearbox rebuild kit. The updated high-gear bearing is manufactured to the later 750 specifications. We source the majority of the included parts from our suppliers in the UK.

Worn bearings can lead to a sloppy shifting and noisy transmission operation. The integrity of these parts is critical for trouble-free gear selection and engagement. Updating the worn parts will result in a trouble-free, quiet, and oil-tight gearbox.

The primary drive, outer and inner covers must be removed to allow the transmission assembly to be withdrawn from the gearbox. Transmission rebuilding requires skill and patience. Review the workshop manual for procedures. Some procedures, such as removing and installing the interference-fit bearings may be best left for a professional mechanic to perform.

Kit includes:

  • 1 – 57-1606 
  • 1 – 57-1614 
  • 1 – 57-2240 
  • 1 – 57-3988 
  • 1 – 57-4909
  • 2 – 60-3500 
  • 2 – 60-3511 
  • 1 – 60-3512 
  • 1 – 60-3552 
  • 1 – 60-4100
  • 1 – 71-1070 


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