Triumph 500 CWC Front Wheel Spoke Set SLS 7″ Brake Drum UK Made PN# TBS-5095 WM2-19


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SKU: 633726148727 Categories: , , OE Number: 37-1236 37-4200Year: 1961-1968Make: TriumphModel: TR5AR, TR5AC, T100 SR, T100SC, T100C, T100R Brands:


The fitment for this spoke set is specifically for the 1961 through 1968 Triumph TR5 and T100 models originally specified with the full-width 7″ single leading brake shoe front hub and WM2-19 rim. Not compatible with the UK Home Market models with 17″ or 18″ front rims. The correct spoke set is paramount to the motorcycle’s safety and performance.

This stainless spoke set from CWC features 40 “nailhead” spokes and nipples, replacing the (40) 37-1236 spokes and S79-2 nipples. The spokes are 8/10 gauge single butted and measure 6″ under head. The .300″ diameter brass nipples feature a bright nickel-plated finish. Made in the UK.

The spokes are all the same length and are fitted from the inside of the brake drum. This spoke set is designed specifically for the US-Specification Triumph TR5AC, TR5AR, T100SR, T100SC, T100C, and T100R models from 1961-1967. Also correct fitment for the 1968 T100C only.

Wheel building is a specialized skill and should only be performed by those with the appropriate tools and equipment to properly complete the task. The use of spoke prep assembly compound is recommended to prevent thread galling.

  • 40 x 37-1236 (W1236) spokes
  • 40 x 37-4200 (W4200, S79-2) spoke nipples

Suitable for all Triumph models from 1961-68 with a 19″ rim and 7″ full width hub.

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