Socket Set 12-Pt Whitworth 8-Pc 1/8W-9/16W PN# TBS-61159


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SKU: 633726163898 Categories: , Year: 1902-1972Make: AJS Ariel BSA Greeves Matchless Norton Royal Enfield Triumph VincentModel: All models

A Whitworth socket set is a necessity in every vintage British motorcycle mechanic’s toolbox. This 8-piece set features 3/8″ drive 12-point sockets and a socket stick organizer.

The sockets range in size from 1/8W to 9/16W and are finished in chrome. Quality manufactured by Delco. The sizes of Whitworth sockets refer to the size of the shank of the bolt, rather than the measurement across the head of the bolt as in the Unified sockets and spanners.

The correctly sized Whitworth sockets are compatible with Whitworth, British Standard Fine, and CEI fasteners, and will prevent rounding off the flats of nuts and bolts when working on earlier British motorcycles and automobiles.

The sockets are used where adequate clearance is allowed to use a ratchet for quicker fitment and removal of fasteners.


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