Norton Exhaust Nut C-Spanner Tool PN# TBS-14-0926


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SKU: 633726175746 Categories: , , , Tag: OE Number: 06-3968Year: 1946-1975Make: NortonModel: Atlas, Dominator and Commando models Brands:


This is an essential tool for Norton owners who service their own motorcycles, as it is used to loosen and tighten the finned exhaust lockrings. May be suitable for use on some Vincent models.

Approximately 13″ long, this rugged steel C-spanner allows plenty of leverage to adequately secure the exhaust pipes after the threaded collars have been fitted.

The hook on the end of the spanner is designed to capture one of the fins to rotate the collar to loosen or tighten the collar into the threaded exhaust port.

Checking the exhaust collars periodically is recommended to ensure that the threads in the exhaust ports remain undamaged by the effects of vibration-related loosening off of the steel exhaust nuts.

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