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Heavy-Duty Crankshaft Bearing Puller PN# TBS-61500


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SKU: 633726163850 Categories: , , Year: 1966-1982Make: BSA TriumphModel: BSA 500, 650 and 750 twins & Triumph 650 and 750 twins

Heavy-Duty Crankshaft Bearing Puller PN# TBS-61500.

The heavy-duty main bearing puller kit is indispensable for the vintage British motorcycle engine builder. Smartly finished and contained in a case, this bearing splitter is ideal for removing the drive side roller bearings from the BSA and Triumph crankshaft.

Two large splitting collet halves are pulled together to get behind the bearing and the puller is fitted to the collets to gently remove the bearing from the crankshaft without damaging the retaining cage of the bearing.

The bearing puller can also be used in other applications outside of BSA and Triumph engines fitted with drive side roller bearings.

The collet halves must be opened up far enough to fit over the bearing so that they can form a wedge behind the bearing and against the cheek of the crankshaft. Once in place, the nuts on the threaded stanchions are tightened evenly to draw the bearing away from the crank. The puller is then fitted to the assembly and withdraws the bearing from the shaft. 



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