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BSA Front Wheel Stainless “Nailhead” Spoke Set 19″ 5-9/16″ Length PN# TBS-5087


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This front wheel “nailhead” spoke set is intended for fitment to the late 1950s and early 1960s BSA twins with WM2-19 rims and 8″ full-width cast iron brake drums, as specified for the A10 models and others. May also be suitable for fitment to A7, A50, A65, B31 and B33 models with WM2-18 rims and 7″ full-width hubs.

The complete CWC set includes (40) 5-9/16″ 8/10 gauge butted spokes and (40) nickel plated brass spoke nipples. The spokes are patterned after the original 42-5848 galvanized finish, but in bright, corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Spoke nipple OD is .300″ Made in the UK by Central Wheel Components.

Nailhead spokes are fitted to the brake drum through holes drilled at specific angles and have no bends on the ends of the spokes, where they are captured in the countersunk drillings in the casting. These spokes can be used in various applications, such as the BSA models with 19″ front rims and the 8″ full-width cast iron front brake drums, and possibly the 18″ front rim and 7″ brake drum combination, as used on some other models. Measure the existing spokes to ensure the lengths are comparable to the 5-9/16″ length spokes in this set.

The brake drum should be inspected for any damage at the drillings prior to lacing to the rim. Wheel building requires special skills and equipment to complete the task correctly and may be best left to a specialist, as there is generally little to no instruction on the topic in most factory workshop manuals. 


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