BSA A50 A65 Engine Cover Stainless Allen Screw Set BSF 1962-1968 PN# TBS-08-9208


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This complete 18-piece outer case cover screw set is suitable for fitment to the early unit-construction BSA A50 and A65 twins from 1962-1968. This set includes the screws for the primary chaincase and outer timing cover, as well as the tachometer cable adaptor.

Sourced from the UK and threaded to 1/4″-26 TPI BSF, this set contains replacements for (2) 67-0716 3/16″-24 x 1/2″, (7) 70-8160 1/4″-26 x 1-1/2″, (6) 70-8168 1/4″-26 x 1-3/4″, and (3) 68-0229 1/4″-26 x 2-1/4″ screws. Note: the (3) 68-0229 outer timing cover screws were originally 2-3/4″ long but are supplied in this set as 2-1/4″ UH. These screws are stainless steel with Allen heads.

The socket heads are a convenient upgrade for routine clutch service and timing cover removal, providing a positive engagement with the Allen wrench used for loosening and tightening the screws. The bright stainless finish provides a durable and attractive upgrade from the original fillister head screws.

It is advisable to clean the threads in the crankcase with a tap to allow for best thread retention and an oil-tight seal between the primary chaincase cover and the crankcase. Thread locking compound is not recommended for use on cover screws.

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