BSA 500 A50 650 A65 750 A70 Timing Side Camshaft Bush 1962-1972 PN# 68-0025


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SKU: 633726148673 Categories: , Tag: OE Number: 68-0025Year: 1962-1972Make: BSAModel: A50 A65 A70


The bronze timing-side cam bushing features oilways cut into the bore and thrust face. Manufactured in the UK to original specifications and can be used in the inner or outer positions in the timing-side crank case. This bushing is subject to wear and is recommended for replacement when overhauling high-mileage BSA unit-construction twin cylinder engines.

The OD is 1.065″-1.066″, with a bore of .875″-.876″ (measured fitted”. The interference fit in the crank case is .002″-.004″. Fitted clearance with the camshaft journal is recommended at .001″-.0015″.

The camshaft bush supports the right-hand end of the camshaft and provides lubrication to the camshaft journal, making it critical that the oil hole drilling is correctly aligned with the passageway in the crank case during installation.

The bushes need to be sized once fitted, and usually both the inner and outer bushings are replaced at the same time, along with the drive-side bush. Line-boring is the preferred method of precisely reaming the bushes to fit the camshaft journals to specification. This procedure is not documented in detail in the factory workshop manual and should be carried out by a machinist.

See recommended links for the drive side camshaft bush PN# 68-0022

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