Boyer Bransden for Your Classic Triumph, Norton and BSA motorcycle

The Bonneville Shop offers Genuine Boyer Bransden ignition kits for your vintage Triumph, Norton and BSA motorcycle. Buy online quality parts at The Bonneville Shop.

From Boyer Bransden, “In 1969 Ernie Bransden designed and patented a miniature electronic ignition that was a fraction of the size and far more efficient than any of its competitors. Since that time various electronic ignitions and manufacturers have come and gone, but Boyer Bransden have been in constant production. Today, Boyer Bransden produce one of the most efficient ignition systems in the world. All systems are carefully hand built in the UK and we pride ourselves on supplying hardy products that last.”

Boyer-Bransden ignition systems typically replace traditional points-based ignition systems found in older motorcycles. Instead of mechanical points, they utilize electronic components to precisely control the ignition timing and spark generation.

Reliability: By eliminating the mechanical points, Boyer-Bransden systems reduce the likelihood of ignition system failure due to wear and tear. This results in improved reliability and consistency in engine performance.

Simplified Maintenance: With no points to adjust or replace, maintenance requirements are reduced compared to traditional ignition systems. This simplifies maintenance tasks and can save time and effort for motorcycle owners.

Ease of Installation: Boyer-Bransden ignition systems are designed to be relatively easy to install, often requiring only basic tools and mechanical skills. They are available in kits tailored to specific Triumph, Norton and BSA models, further simplifying the installation process.


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