BSA A65F A65L Throttle Cable Set (2) 1968-70 PN# 60-0813 B



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SKU: 633726163799 Categories: , , , OE Number: 68-0813Year: 1968-1970Make: BSAModel: A65F A65L Brands:


This throttle cable is intended for fitment to the BSA 650 A65F and A65 L models with twin Amal 930 Concentric carburetors and dual cable twistgrip. May be suitable for other applications also. This listing is for 2 cables.

Made in the US by Barnett, this premium quality cable features a friction-reducing nylon lining for easy operation and longevity. Overall length measures 41-1/2″, sheath length is 37-1/4″, with an inner wire free length of 3-3/4″.

The cables for twin-carburetor models with a dual-cable twistgrip must be individually adjusted for the correct cable lash. The slide height for each carburetor must be established, then the adjuster barrels on the carburetor top cap are adjusted to synchronize the cable pull of both throttle cables from the twistgrip throttle control.

The carburetor top cap must be removed to thread the cable through the top cap adjuster barrel. The return spring is installed over the cable, then the cable is captured in the throttle slide. The needle and clip assembly must be fitted before the return spring is allowed to relax in position. The twistgrip housing must be opened up to engage the barrel-shaped end of the cable into the rotor on the twistgrip. Refer to the workshop manual for more installation details.

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