Amal 930 30MM Premier Right Side Carburettor Carb Triumph BSA 230 Main Jet PN# 930R/23P AL


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The latest iteration of the Amal 930 Premier Carburettor features an updated Aluminum Alloy Body, resulting in lighter weight and reduced wear characteristics.

This Amal 930R Premier Carburettor is set up specifically for the Single-Carburettor 650 and 750 models comes with 230 Main Jet, Needle Jet 106, Pilot RJ17, Valve 3.5.

The Carburettor is installed onto a Manifold and uses an Air Cleaner Assembly. Some tuning will be required once fitted to the motorcycle, and Alternative Jets may be required to compensate for high-altitude use. The Throttle Slide has a low friction surface for smoother operation and less wear than originals. Also standard are the Ethanol Resistant Float, Viton Tipped Float Needle, & Amal’s Tuning Guide.

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