12 volt Universal Chrome Horn PN# TBS-4053


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A properly functioning horn is a necessity for safe operation of the motorcycle on streets and in traffic. This universal-fit horn can be adapted for fitment to virtually any motorcycle with a 12 volt electrical system.

Fitment for this horn is appropriate for most 12 volt motorcycles from 1966-on.

This universal 12 volt horn is finished in chrome and has a tone adjustment screw, allowing a slight adjustment to the tone of the horn. The size of the horn is similar to the original Lucas 8H horn, making it a suitable economy replacement horn. The grille can be removed and painted if desired. Quality part from Emgo.

The horn is mounted with a removeable bracket and can be positioned to fit in different locations and orientations. There are terminals for a 12 volt power lead into the horn from a switch and a ground terminal.

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