Tri-Spark Ignition Parts for Your Vintage Triumph, Norton and BSA Motorcycle

The Bonneville Shop offers genuine Tri-Spark Ignition electrical parts for your vintage Triumph, Norton and BSA motorcycle. Buy online quality parts at The Bonneville Shop.

Trispark ignitions are electronic ignition systems are a great fit for classic Triumph and vintage Brit bikes. They are known for their reliability, improved performance, and ease of installation compared to traditional points-based ignition systems.

Electronic Ignition: The electronic ignition system replaces the original contact breaker points plate and auto advance unit. Their upgraded coils feature extra windings and more robust wire construction for improved spark energy.

Compatibility: The Bonneville Shop offers Tri-Spark kits for classic Triumph, Norton and BSA motorcycles.

Reliability: Solid-state electronics are generally more reliable than mechanical components like points and condensers, especially in harsh conditions such as high heat or vibration. Tri-Spark ignitions are built to withstand the rigors of motorcycle riding, providing consistent performance over time.

Improved Performance: Improvements in the design of the stator plate have resulted in more thermal protection to the module, and the anti-kickback feature helps safeguard models with electric starters from potential damage. 

Easy Installation: Made in Australia, Tri-Spark kits come with thorough instructions additionally, they are very responsive to tech support.

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