Genuine Lucas Electrical Parts for Your Vintage Triumph, Norton and BSA Motorcycle

The Bonneville Shop offers Genuine Lucas for your vintage Triumph, Norton and BSA motorcycle. Buy online quality parts at The Bonneville Shop.

 Lucas has a long history of manufacturing electrical components for motorcycles and automobiles, and their products were widely used in British vehicles from the mid-20th century onwards.

  1. Ignition Systems: This includes ignition coils, distributors, and ignition switches, which are essential for starting and running the engine.
  2. Lighting Components: Lucas provided a range of lighting components including headlights, taillights, indicators, and other auxiliary lights. These components were crucial for safety and visibility, especially during night riding.
  3. Switches and Controls: Lucas manufactured various switches and controls for Triumph motorcycles, including handlebar-mounted switches for lights, horn, and other functions.
  4. Wiring Harnesses: Lucas wiring harnesses provided the necessary electrical connections between different components of the motorcycle, ensuring reliable electrical systems.
  5. Charging Systems: Regulator/rectifiers, stators and rotors are among the charging system components we carry. These ensured that the motorcycle’s battery remained charged, powering the electrical systems and accessories.

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