Amal Carburetors and Parts for Vintage Triumph, Norton and BSA Motorcycles

The Bonneville Shop offers Genuine Amal carburetors, repair kits, gaskets, seals, jets and throttle slides for your vintage Triumph, Norton and BSA motorcycle. Our online store ships authentic Amal parts from our shop right here in the US.

Made in the UK, “Amal carburetters were at the heart of the British motorcycle industry being fitted to bikes from the 1920’s right through until the late 1980’s. Our carburetters continue to be the go-to choice for enthusiasts who want to restore their bikes to original condition as well as for those building custom bikes.”

We also offer tech blogs on Amal concectric carbs related to a Triumph Service Bulletin. Need a refresher on tuning your carbs? Check out this write up on the basics: Triumph Carb and Carburetor Tuning Basics

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